A Digital Marketing Strategist is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns that promote our company and our communities. You will play a major role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space, driving website traffic and acquiring leads. On a typical day you could expect to work closely with team members in your department that you will supervise, primarily on client-focused projects through all departmental service areas including digital communications, website development and design. As an experienced communications professional, you may need to wear many hats and jump in to help the team with projects as needed especially as we continue to develop our processes, systems and the department.

Title: Digital Marketing Strategist


You need a relevant bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 3-5 years proven experience in Account Management & Digital Engagement/Content Strategy Development. You should have equal experience and demonstrated knowledge/expertise in latest content marketing/SEO strategy trends. Not only do you know what makes for great content strategy, but you have a keen eye for displaying content optimizing UX best practices. Phenomenal communication skills. Finally, one of your greatest strengths is your high attention to detail and organizational skills that allow you to be a rock star at managing multiple projects at a given time in a fast-paced environment.

Key Skills Needed: Account Management, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, SEO Strategy, Sales, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Web Analytics, Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing Consulting, Project Management and assisting with the management of the CRM program.

The ideal team member well-versed in multiple areas of digital marketing, including, inbound marketing, automated marketing, email marketing, social and knowledgeable in SEM & SEO.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, or equivalent work experience
  • 5+ years of multi-channel strategy experience (real estate or agency).
  • 5+ years of solid multi-channel CRM experience, in as many of the following areas as possible:
    • Lead scoring and nurture track development based on customer segments and brand KPIs
    • Marketing automation experience (i.e. Pardot/Marketo/Salesforce, Veeva, etc.), including real-time personalization
    • Re-targeting/dynamic media
    • Communication calendar/test plan development
    • Paid Search, Paid Social and SEO
    • Working closely with partner vendors and client IT to execute campaigns seamlessly
  • Working understanding of the fundamentals:
    • Technographic and demographic research to craft profiles
    • Basic media in order to partner with our 3rd party media and PR partner
    • Data driven. Can sift through data to find insights and partner with advanced analytics and data science to help define the strategy
    • Basic UX/UI principles
    • Basic understanding of privacy governance
    • Accessibility compliance a plus
    • Agile methodology experience a plus
  • Salesforce Integration:
  • Admin Settings & Configuration
  • Lead Qualification
  • List Management
  • Personalization and Email Marketing
  • Forms and Landing Pages
  • Automation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Deep knowledge of digital marketing & strategy and basic digital technology capabilities
  • Proven experience leading strategy and digital roadmap projects in a complex business and marketing environment.
  • Ensure tactical plan achieves client objectives and strategies
  • Facilitate brainstorm sessions that inspire journey-driven, engaging marketplace experiences.
  • Experience with global clients and regional roll-outs
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills, both internal and client-facing
  • Strong relationship management, organizational and project management skills
  • Ability to identify opportunities for growth and incremental opportunities
  • Understanding of Salesforce Integration, and Salesforce plugins, Facebook Manager, Google Analytics, WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, Outlook, etc.
  • Proficient in Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Desired Attributes:

  • Action-oriented with a strong sense of accountability
  • Worked in a fast-paced environment juggling multiple projects simultaneously
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills with strong self-directed learning abilities
  • Excellent analytical skills and detail orientation
  • Extensive knowledge of established and emerging social platforms
  • Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team


Content Strategy

  • Creation and management of a big-picture editorial calendar based on overall marketing strategy
  • Create detailed and actionable personas and journeys
  • Internal brainstorming & strategizing content
  • Researching and writing content
  • Gathering and editing assets for content (for example, selecting which photos, graphics or video clips to use for posts)
  • Proofreading content (our content is first written and then proofed in 3 rounds before going to final approval stage to the team)
  • Scheduling content
  • Develop segmentation strategies
  • Engaging with the community at large and staying connected (our followers, local businesses, and target markets)
  • Monitoring/listening for relevant conversations
  • Updating channel graphics as necessary
  • Reviewing and reporting analytics on a monthly and quarterly basis

Social Media Management

  • Facebook Business Page > Full Management (2-3 posts/week on neighborhood pages; 1-2/week corporate page)
    • Content creation – community, lifestyle & home images, events, and local happenings
    • Creating and updating content on FB apps, if any
    • Scheduling and publishing of all status updates
    • Engagement – managing replies and comments with followers and helping to set up tours
    • Cross communication with other relevant pages
    • Creating and managing Facebook events as needed
    • Updating photo albums, as needed
    • Changing out cover images (graphic design billed additional)
    • SMO (Social Media Optimization) – Describing, tagging and linking all images, as needed
  • Instagram > Full Management (3-4 posts/week on neighborhood pages; 1-2/week corporate page; 3-5 story posts/week on all pages)
    • Content creation – community, lifestyle & home images, events, and local happenings
    • Scheduling and publishing of all status updates
    • Engagement – managing replies and comments with followers and helping to setup tours
    • Cross communication with other relevant pages
  • LinkedIn > Full Management (1 post/week corporate only)
    • Content creation – important neighborhood information and updates on the company. This is a great place to share company stories
    • Engagement – managing replies and comments
    • Cross communication with other relevant pages

Digital Advertising & Management

  • Media planning, placement and budget management on Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords/Keywords, Special Insertions, and Online Banner advertising
  • Google AdWords initial campaign launch and management to assess results, make adjustments as needed
  • Mobile Marketing & GeoFencing as applicable

Website Management, SEO & Blog

  • Making weekly and month website updates, as needed
  • Blog strategy, research, writing, posting, and optimization
  • SEO Content Tweaks
    • HTML Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Content Structure Optimization
  • SEO Tagging
    • Page Title Optimization, Meta Description Optimization, Header Tag Optimization, Anchor Text Optimization, Image Alt Optimization
  • Internal Linking Structure Optimization
    • User Behavior Analysis and On Page Lead Funnel Optimization
  • Local Optimization including Google My Business Listing Creation


  • Conduct Marketing audits (social, web, email, digital)
  • Conduct consumer & industry research
  • Provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly analytics reports
    • Shows the growth and engagement of each social channel, as well as recommendations
    • Shows social footprint (impressions, views) of each channel, based on what’s available in stats per channel
    • Show demographics of followers of each channel