In the past year, the needs of luxury buyers have shifted dramatically. More than ever, people want to value their homes as sanctuaries and seek homes with ample space, strong connections to nature, and an overall sense of harmony. To meet the need of these evolving trends, real estate developers are tapping into experts who can certify a home’s Feng Shui design and Chi that will bring about prosperity. One Coast, a luxury townhome community, developed by etco Homes on the bluffs of Pacific Palisades, has tapped a Feng Shui team of experts at The House Club to ensure One Coast homes are offering homeowners balance and good energy.

Named ‘Person of the Year’ by Chinese Network and Magazine in 2014, The House Club’s Master Zhi Wang has over 30 years of practical experience in Feng Shui’s art and currently runs a celebrated consulting business in Hong Kong, Macao. Feng Shui Master Zhi Wang conducted a live reading of two One Coast model homes. During the live reading, Master Zhi Wang assessed he homes using the ancient design principles believed to inspire balance and prosperity, from yin-yang décor selections to the architecture and bones of the home. For example, One Coast’s unique orientation with the the Pacific Ocean in the front and the Santa Monica Mountains to its rear reflects a directional principle known to bring good luck.

During a One Coast Model 303 reading, Master Wang called out subtle design elements that incorporate good Feng Shui. For example, the hallways on the first floor are lined with artwork, which provides guests good energy headed to the guest bedroom. The back patio serves as a fortress offering homeowners protection, reflecting a good sense of security for future owners. This design choice aligns with the community’s overall sense of privacy and security, with its 24/7 guard gate. Meanwhile, the home’s rooftop deck uses an outdoor air environment to bring about good Feng Shui with its expertly positioned location of views of the mountains on the left and views of the ocean to the right. About 25 percent of the homes at One Coast offer owners an upper 800-square-foot rooftop deck level with the same unobstructed views.

In One Coast Model 604, Master Wang highlights the seamless flow from the entry way into the living area and the large kitchen – it’s these three spaces that are most important in making a good first Feng Shui impression for the energy flow into the home. The kitchen, which opens up onto sliding doors and on an outdoor patio, excites the body, ushering in good Chi. When entering the master bedroom, the Feng Shui master attributed the spherical shaped chandelier and lamp on the bedside nightstand as circular shapes representing infinity and noted these elements can be particularly good omens for a strong marriage. Meanwhile, the oval soaking tub – positioned prominently by a floor-to-ceiling window with ocean views – balances its counterpart, the square, angular shower, to usher in a healthy flow of Chi in the space.

Comprised of 53 residences offering ocean-to-mountain panoramic views, One Coast welcomes homebuyers with expansive veranda decks, direct-access elevators, private garages, oversized great rooms, and prime access to nearby hiking trails. Available as single-level flats and multi-level luxury townhomes, these two- to five-bedroom residences range from 2,810 to 5,017 square feet, and each floor plan is designed to maximize ocean views and capitalize on the natural beauty of the Pacific Palisades. One Coast provides homeowners with a variety of luxe amenities perfect for today’s socially distant age. Residents at the new address can say goodbye to the days of traditional grocery shopping, prescription pickups, dry cleaning drop-offs, package pickup, and more, thanks to the exclusive suite of on-request concierge services powered by Hello Alfred.

Pricing for One Coast’s two- to five-bedroom townhomes and residences starts from the high $2 millions. To learn more about One Coast or schedule a private in-person virtual tour, visit

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